Why do I have to enter my personal details when I pay for a journey online using my bank card?
What is 3DS Version 2? 

3DSV2 is a secure online payment protocol. Its aim is to limit the risk of fraud and protect banking information by imposing SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) on customers during online transactions. 

With European regulations requiring merchants and banking institutions to enhance the security of online payments, we felt it was necessary to implement a strong authentication mechanism based on 3-D Secure technology. 

With 3DSv2, the merchant sends information relating to the customer and the order, as well as his own references, and the bank issuing the card will be able to measure a confidence rate for the transaction, and thus offer a path without authentication for transactions that it deems to be without risk of fraud.

This is why, when you pay for your journeys on the aliae.com website, personal information such as your surname, first name and billing address is required by the banking security protocols at the time of online payment. 

To facilitate future payments, you can save your personal details in your customer area. You can delete or update this information at any time. 
This information will not be collected or used for any other purpose by APRR Group companies, including AREA, ALIAE, A'liénor and CEVM.
For further information on the storage of personal data collected, please consult our Personal Data Protection Policy.

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